What is Next Level Leadership?

Evolving how you lead in high-stakes situations. Bringing more mindfulness and positive influence to your leadership brand. Taking on the vital few challenges that will make the biggest difference.  Building your capabilities to execute strategy.
After 25 years of working with top executives we have identified three key domains that enable Next Level Leadership and differentiate leaders who can build thriving organizations:



See the opportunities in adversity, define how value will be created and set a clear and compelling direction grounded in purpose.


Align your team, organization and stakeholders on the why, what and how, and then deliver what you promised.


Develop greater self-mastery and mindfulness. Craft the organization & relationships within it to unleash energy, innovation and sustainable growth.

“Ulrich helped me re-think my role vis-a-vis our strategy, define the kind of team we needed and then he provided tremendous value in executing.”

CEO, Leading Public CPG Company


Clear Purpose & Direction
Strong Bench
Next Level Leadership
High Performing Teams
Aligned Organization

Client Value


Diagnostics (of the leader, the team, the organization) provide data-driven insights about what will enable setting the right priorities.

Uncover key patterns in mindset, behaviors and practices that will move you forward.

Focus energy and effort on your prioritized leadership actions.


Leaders increase their capabilities to work both on and in the organization and get to “next” faster.


We bring experience, passion, courage, connection and fun to our partnership with you so you can do the hard work of stretching into your next level of leadership.

Your customers, colleagues and investors are energized by the compelling purpose of the organization. It’s about more than making the numbers. The clear direction enables everyone to see how they can contribute.


Your organization’s capabilities and ingenuity are focused forward.

Empowered leaders drive strong execution and fast-cycle improvement.

Leaders focus on priorities. They measure and manage the right things at the right level.

You experience far less process loss and churn because purpose and direction are sufficiently clear.

Your human capital practices are a sustainable growth engine for your organization. Top leaders actively develop themselves and the next generation of leaders is ready.


The way you select, on-board and develop your leaders is a competitive advantage.

You have the right executives around the table to lead the change you envision.

Your top leaders are highly capable at three levels: self-leadership, leadership of teams and leadership of organizations.

Your pipeline of ready-now emerging leaders remains full.

Your internal HR/OD/LD leaders are consultants of choice to help you grow the business.

When leadership is effective, purpose, capability and drive come together to deliver results.


Leaders at all levels are energized and pursuing the purpose of your organization.

Leaders are working at the right altitude where they are contributing the greatest value.

To continue to lead effectively, executives develop faster than the changes in their environment.

Executives’ capabilities are increasing at three levels: self-mastery and mindfulness, leading others and leading organizations.

Leaders use current organization challenges (new role, new team, org redesign, etc.) to continuously increase their capabilities to lead change.

Results are delivered to your key stakeholders.

You have a strong team when everyone is performing at their best for the team, collaboration is fluid, the hard work is fun and the results keep coming.


The highest value work of the team and the roles on the team are clear to everyone.

Every team member is committed to making everyone else on the team better.

Collaboration across boundaries (disciplines, units, cultures) fuels speed and innovation.

Challenges and conflicts strengthen versus divide the team.

Constructive feedback accelerates learning and improved performance.

Leaders can replicate building, turning-around and leading successful teams.

Results are delivered in repeatable and sustainable ways.

The transformation you envision (org. redesign, merger, new strategy, etc.) is rapidly gaining traction. The structures/systems and people/culture of your organization work together to enable high performance.


The top team is aligned on purpose as well as the “what” and “how” of the strategy.

Your governance mechanics and dynamics support the forward motion and pace you need.

The teams below your team are leading the transformation effectively and modeling the right behaviors.

Greater alignment means greater speed through better collaboration and information flow.

You have a shared reality with your colleagues about how the change is progressing and what still needs work.

The pace of change is accelerating. The organization is growing. Colleagues are thriving.

Case Studies

Consumer Goods CEO Leads Strategic Pivot

A public company CEO needed to accelerate the growth trajectory of the business...


Silicon Valley Business Unit Merger

Two key business units of a leading Silicon Valley software firm were merged to harness the value of combined complementary capabilities...


Financial Services BU President Resuscitates Growth Plan

The President running a $10Bn business unit of a global financial services company was 18 months into a 3-year strategic plan yet traction and business results were below expectations...


Hi-Tech Marketing Group Turn-Around

A high-potential marketing executive was tapped to turn around a marketing unit that plays a central role in driving over $3Bn in revenue…


Plant Manager Transforms A $1Bn Revenue Engine

The Plant Manager went from rising star to “performance problem” and the relationship between corporate and plant leadership was strained and worsening...


“As Chief Learning Officer at Goldman Sachs, and now as the Dean at Haas, Ulrich has been an invaluable advisor to me over the years. He has helped me work through the most important aspects of leadership. He also helps me think through how I lead change so we can fully prepare innovative leaders for our turbulent world.”

Richard Lyons, Dean, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Selected Clients

“During a critical time in our growth and my succession, Ulrich helped me and our COO work through the complex issues of changing our governance structure and ensuring smooth transitions.  His insights and counsel were invaluable.”

Peter Eigen, Chairman, Transparency International



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Our firm's expertise is built on a successful track record of supporting CEOs and senior leaders in executing strategy.  Founder Ulrich Netteshiem is a widely recognized leadership expert and advisor.  In addition to his consulting and management careers, Ulrich is an active angel investor, board director and advisor, and reviewer for the California Management Review.  He completed his graduate studies at Columbia University (B-School + Org Psych).  Ulrich is a dual German citizen, a soccer fanatic and dreams of touring the country with his band.

Ulrich Nettesheim is the Founder and Managing Partner of N Leadership.

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“Ulrich and I served on a board together.  There were really tough issues around the new leader trying to set a new direction.  His ability to get the various factions to listen to each other and have the hard conversations constructively was the most masterful display of that skill I have ever seen.  It was instrumental in helping the institution move forward.”

Phil Alvelda, Founder, MobiTV


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